1. Down

From the recording Toil and Trouble

Vocals: Mike Tuttle
Music/Lyrics: Mike Tuttle


They say you gotta take whatever they give
Push down what you love to do what it takes to live
Almighty dollar, thank you sir, and please
How can you run, when your whole life's on your knees?

They'll get up in your face
Try to push you out of your place
Stand up, stand your ground
And don't let 'em take you down

They promise it's comin', just wait for the trickle down
Punch your card, stay in line, ignore that sinking sound
But you've seen the truth; it's worse than anyone knows
No rescue is comin'; the emperor has no clothes

They'll call you a troublemaker
Paint you up as an instigator
Try to run you out of town
But don't let 'em take you down

They say we need 'em
You know that we don't
They just take our piece of the pie
Scrape off all the best
Give you what's left
And ask you to help sell their lie

There are more of us than them
We know who they are, they're ordinary men
They'll end up in the ground
Don't let 'em take you down