From the recording Toil and Trouble

Vocals: Mike Tuttle
Harmony Vocals: Erin Tuttle
Music/Lyrics: Mike Tuttle


Nobody else knows
So nobody else can say
What happened that night
What they found the next day

Tragic headline stories
Sweeping all across the nation
Comment sections stuffed full of
Suitcase speculation

Armchair detectives
Ain't what they used to be
We've traded all that matters
For reality TV

It's anybody's guess
So let the clickbait war begin
We'll pick this carcass clean
Till the tox report comes in

It's all so beneath me
Teetering uneasy
The clatter and the bang

Timestamp the memory
Where were you when you heard?
Did you stop the pointless scrolling
Did you hang on every word?

Were you angry, were you hurt
Like a personal betrayal?
Did you hang upon the hope
That it wasn't really fatal?

There but for the grace of God
How could they let it go?
They had so much to live for
We have a right to know

Was it booze? Was it heroin?
Some kinky private bent?
A mix-up pharmaceutical
Tragic accident?

We all tell our stories
Relive all the glory
The clatter and the bang

Feel the sand slipping beneath my feet
Horizon eyes and
Thin disguises
Hold on till the tide starts to retreat

Walking into roadblocks
Walking into walls
Walking into pharmacies
Avoiding all the calls

Keep it pushed down
Keep your torment to yourself
All scars are interesting
Only on somebody else

Satan's favorite color
Isn't black, isn't red
It's the grey of desperation
In anybody's head

Would one more day have helped at all?
Could you outrun the ache?
What have you left behind you?
What's sinking in your wake?

Sing out with the thunder
Before it pulls you under
The clatter and the bang