1. One Good Day

From the recording One Good Day


They'll tell you it's hopeless
They'll say we're goin' down
They'll sell you distraction
Keep your head spinnin' 'round

Let your heart take a breath
A break from the bad news
There are angels among us
I've seen their tattoos

Find a way to lay your burden down
You know, it's going to be okay
Sometimes all you need to carry on

Is One Good Day (x4)

I need to slow it down
Get away from the gray and grind Somewhere the hate can't reach me
Away from the headlines

Give me the wide open water
Turn my heart loose on the tide
I miss the rhythm of the shoreline
The way the sea invades your mind

Find a spot on Atlantic Avenue
Hit my knees in the sand and pray
At the end of that station out on Sullivan's
Give me One Good Day (x4)

Can you feel it?
Does it have you by the heart?
It ain't the finish line
But it's a real good place to start

Reach out to your brother
To your sister, whoever you see
With their spirit locked up tight
Reach out... and turn the key

Turn your face up to the sun, now
Fill your lungs up deep and say
"Let me be the reason someone has

One Good Day" (x4)

Doo-doot-doo-doo--doo-doo (x4)